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La More Design Story and jewelry design concepts, meet our founders, learn how your engagement rings and wedding bands make in New York City shop, and how we give back to our communities.

Getting engaged and married to your life partner is a life-long dream come true. Nothing seems to be as precious as your love for one another or the laughs and moments you share. At La More Design, we are inspired by your love stories to create timelessly elegant, and unique rings to help you showcase and celebrate that happiness everywhere you go.

Meet the founders, designers, and gemologists of La More Design Jewelry

Lucas + Annie = La More

La More Design is the happy marriage of two GIA graduate gemologists. Lucas and Annie met at an alumni event and were instantly smitten with one another, trading stories about sourcing gems, both very aware of the knowledge that they were each looking at one.

They soon formed a rock-solid relationship (pun intended!) and launched La More Design in 2014 as a manifestation of their shared interest in love and gemstones. Lucas has more than 25 years of experience in the jewelry industry, hunting down natural, conflict-free gemstones with the same devotion as someone in search of their future partner.

Annie fosters her passion for designing custom engagement rings, eager at the prospect of bringing someone’s dream ring to life. We’re proud to create pieces for every type of bride. From traditional and classic to edgy and modern, we make jewelry that best represents you and your love. Together, Lucas and Annie understand the complexities of gemstones, settings, and designs, as well as the emotions they elicit upon a single glance.

Ethically Handmade in NYC

Our jewelry is entirely designed and handcrafted in our New York City shop. In fact, we don’t outsource to oversea manufactures. We monitor every step of the process and ensure every piece is nothing short of flawless. Additionally, we responsibly source our diamonds and gemstones, using only conflict-free, fair-trade materials. By doing so, we are proudly offering you a lifetime warranty. We guarantee that our jewelry is free of any manufacturing defects in either materials or workmanship.

La More Design Rings are designed and handmade in our New York city shop
La More Design is committed to give back to our communities to make our world a better place

A Vow to Give Back

We’re committed to spreading love and happiness everywhere we can by donating to organizations that share our values and create positive change, including Doctors without Borders, UNICEF USA, World Vision, NO Kid Hungry, and Covenant House. Since 2017, we’ve contributed more than $100,000 and only hope to increase that figure for years to come! Click here to learn more about our efforts to make the world a better, more loving place.

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We’re honored to play a role in your storybook love story and work hard to ensure you get the happy ending you deserve. Choosing La More Design means you’ll experience everlasting joy, style, and love. So, make an appointment to schedule an in-person jewelry consultation, view our full jewelry collection, and discover the ring(s) of your dreams.

Visit La More Design New York City showroom to view our full jewelry collection and discover the rings of your dream.

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