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When we decided to tie the knot, everything was easy—except the ring. At the finest jewelry stores, our questions went unanswered—where did the gemstones come from? Were they conflict free? Could they try on rings in another size? Who wore this before? To be fair, a pair of gemologists might have a few more questions than other people, but we were shocked to find the most important piece of jewelry in a woman’s life wasn’t given more attention.

So we decided to do it ourselves: We want to offer rings that are made just for you—exactly how you dreamed it, from the finish and size to the surprising details. As gemologists, we care deeply about where our stones come from: we only use responsibly sourced, conflict-free, fair trade materials. To ensure top-quality, our rings are designed and handcrafted in the USA, in our NYC showroom in fact. We don’t outsource to overseas manufacturers. The ring you get is just yours: you will be the first one and the only one to wear it. Get ready to fall in love.

Lucas + Annie = La More

La More Designs is the happy marriage of two GIA graduate gemologists. Lucas and Annie met at an alumni event, where she was charmed by his boundless knowledge and smitten with his tales of sourcing gems in the Amazon. Lucas has over 25 years of experience working with gemstones and diamonds. If Annie can dream it, he can track it down, conflict-free. Annie initially pursued business, but a fateful visit to the Gemological Institute of America led her to her true passion—designing jewelry. With Lucas as her partner, and husband, she can focus on creating custom engagement rings that feel worthy of wearing for a lifetime. Together, their partnership produces ethical, fair trade jewelry handmade in the USA.