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Why We Love Black Diamonds

Why we love black diamonds? black diamond engagement rings and black diamond wedding rings stacks are perfect alternative engagement rings that are unique, inexpensive, durable and fun to stack.

If you’re one to think outside of the little diamond box, black diamonds should definitely be on your radar. Black diamonds are undoubtedly unique, making stunning alternative engagement rings for those who often stray from the norm.

They come in various shapes - pear, oval, rose-cut, and more. The best part? They look stunning in any ring style, such as solitaire black diamond rings, halo black diamond ring, vintage black diamond ring, etc. Regardless, with these black beauties on your engagement ring, you can expect to have everyone wrapped around your finger.

So, if you’re stuck between a rock and, well, another rock, continue reading to learn why we think black diamonds are the clear answer.

Why We Love Black Diamond Rings La More Design Jewelry

Black Diamonds Are Real Diamonds

Despite popular belief, white diamonds aren’t the only authentic diamonds. The reality is that diamonds come in a range of colors determined by chemical impurities or structural defects in the crystal lattice during the formation process.

There are two types of black diamonds. The first are untreated black diamonds, which aren’t completely opaque; instead, they have areas of transparency, allowing you to see through the stone at different angles. These are the most natural, as they don’t undergo any treatment.

The second type is more commonly seen in modern jewelry: treated black diamonds. To create the desired, shiny opaque look, black diamonds are enhanced to achieve the lustrous opaque appearance you know and love! So, are treated black diamonds still real? Yes, Though the color is manually enhanced, they still maintain the same durability and beauty as untreated diamonds.

This oval black diamond bridal set features beautiful opaque black diamonds in their all of their glamourous glory. Two curved wedding bands feature a mix of black and white diamonds, drawing your eyes to the center, where a halo of white diamonds surrounds an oval shaped black diamond.

Black diamonds are real diamonds - la more design jewelry black diamond engagement rings

Relatively Inexpensive

If you and your partner are looking to save some money, a black diamond engagement ring is an excellent option. Their value varies depending on size – the carat weight. For example, a one-carat pear shaped black diamond may be valued at $2,000 in most ring settings, whereas a white diamond with the same carat weight is often more than double that amount. So, know that you don’t have to put down a black card when purchasing a black diamond ring.

But beware - the relatively low cost of black diamonds might cause you to become a black diamond devotee and tempt you to add different shapes and styles to your collection. For example, you might pair your pear black diamond engagement ring with deep curved black diamond wedding bands. The result is a bold and beautiful bridal ring stack that is bound to steal hearts.

Black diamonds are relatively inexpensive - la more design jewelry black diamond engagement rings stack

Durable for Daily Wear

It’s no secret that if you have an engagement ring so striking, you’ll want to wear it all the time. Fortunately, with black diamonds, you can. Simply put, they’re durable. Like most diamonds, black diamonds are especially resilient, boasting an impressive score of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Their strength makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Take this black diamond ring stack; it features three different styles - a pear-shaped black diamond engagement ring paired with our black diamond tiara wedding band and a black and white diamond band at the bottom. A stack this strong packs a punch in style.

Black diamond rings are durable for daily wear - la more design jewelry black diamond ring stacks

Unique, Non-Traditional & Alternative

While black diamonds are an unconventional choice for an engagement ring, they’re perfect for those who set their own trends. They’re thought to symbolize power, passion, and inner strength, making them a suitable choice for couples who value the hard work they put into their relationships.

The main reason we love black diamonds is their striking appearance. Here, a halo black diamond ring is encircled by white pavé diamonds and stands out against two deep curved white diamond rings. The black dramatically contrasts against the white, creating a regal ring stack that signifies luxury and elegance. It effortlessly demands attention in any setting - physical and ring-wise.

Black diamond rings are perfect alternative engagement rings for modern brides la more design jewelry black diamond stacking rings

Trendy and Fun to Stack

The black diamond bandwagon is growing as more people fall for their appeal. The natural hue is perfect for everyday wear, as it will pair well with just about anything, including different colored diamonds and gemstones. Versatility this unmatched allows you to create one-of-a-kind ring stacks with ease.

For example, black diamond engagement rings gorgeously complement white diamond bands and other colored stones with a deep, rich hue, such as ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Here, we’ve paired a rose cut black diamond engagement ring which is crowned in pavé diamonds with a black diamond band and a white diamond band. The final result is an exquisite, eye-catching bridal stack designed to match the bride's uniqueness.

Black diamond rings are trendy and so much fun to stack up - la more design jewelry black diamond stackable rings

Beautiful, inexpensive, and authentic - it almost sounds too good to be true. Well, black diamonds manage to achieve the impossible. Regardless of the style or setting you choose, you can feel confident that all eyes will be on the bride.

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