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We are now in our fifth time of Jewelry for Change Raffle and our hearts are so warmed by the support we've received from our followers in joining our commitment to do good and give back to our community. Together, we have helped raise $17,917 for 8 wonderful organizations that work every day to help make our world more positive and equal for all.

It is our absolute honor to hold this raffle. We not only feel that it is the right thing to do, but we also feel it is the least we can do to help our world be a better place. We are incredibly blessed to be in a position where we can donate to good causes and encourage others to join our mission by giving away beautiful jewelry. Let’s keep up the great work!

To initiate our commitment to doing good and giving back, we've been making donations to selected organizations. To raise more money and spread the word about these good causes, we will be holding a Jewelry Raffle via our Instagram! The prize will be one piece of jewelry, handcrafted with love from our shop.

This month, we've already donated $4,000 to these three wonderful organizations: @worldvisionusa, @nokidhungry, and @covenant_house. 

Let’s raise more money together and continue our commitment to doing good!

Now it's your turn! Donate to enter today!

How to Enter the December Raffle on Instagram:

1. Donate $20 or more directly to one of the recommended organizations of the month @worldvisionusa, @nokidhungry, or @covenant_house, or your choice organization. 

2. DM us the confirmation receipt of the donation

3. Comment "December Raffle" in the comments section of our December Raffle Instagram post to complete each entry.

4. For each $20 donation, you may submit one entry (i.e. $100 donation will earn you five entries).

5. This month's raffle will start on Tuesday, December 1st & ends on Sunday, December 6th at 11:59 pm EST.

6. To celebrate this joyful holiday season, we are giving away 2 rings for 2 winners! The winners will be selected on our Instagram story on Wednesday, December 9th.

This month's PRIZE is our stunning Large Tiara Diamond Ring in Curved V Band ~  a retail value of $2,185. The ring will be custom made in your ring size.

large diamond wedding ring rose gold curved v band la more design jewelry


large diamond wedding ring rose gold curved v band la more design jewelry


Prizes & Winners Gallery:

We are touched by the compassion we have seen in response to our Jewelry for Change raffle for the past few months. Big thanks and congrats to the winners: @undercovernudist, @jessica_knits, @kaswainer, and @sgonzalez051. 

jewelry raffle giveaway winners la more design jewelry


Our Commitment:

We are committed to helping our community by giving back and donating to organizations that make positive changes in our world. We believe that everyone can participate in ensuring our future looks more equal for all. We won't stop here. We are here to listen, to learn, and to help. We would love to hear your recommendations for good organizations for our next donation!


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