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How to Clean Your Jewelry

how to clean ring jewelry at home - jewelry cleaning guide by la more design
How to Clean Your Ring or Jewelry at Home

You just got engaged and can’t stop staring at this gorgeous, shiny ring on your finger. We totally understand the feeling! Fast forward to months and months of wearing your beautiful ring(s), you notice the shine and dazzle has gone and it now looks cloudy. Don’t panic! All it needs is a gentle cleaning, which can be done at home. 

pear moissanite engagement ring rose gold and curved crown diamond wedding band by la more design jewelry

Rings pictured from top to bottom: Tiara Halo Diamond Pear Moissanite Ring, Crown Diamond Wedding Band

La More Design’s fine jewelry is designed and handcrafted in the USA with the finest diamonds, gemstones, and moissanites set in solid gold or platinum - and should last a lifetime and beyond. However, like most things in life, it will need some TLC (tender loving care) to stay pristine and sparkling clean. Here are our tips and tricks for taking care of your jewelry the right way.

General Care & Tips

Most natural gemstones/diamonds have an affinity for grease and dirt. As a matter of fact, that’s how diamond mining companies find diamonds! They run stones on grease belts and diamonds get stuck to it. To stop that natural tendency, we recommend the following:

  • Remove your jewelry, especially rings, when applying lotion or hand sanitizer, washing hands, taking a shower, or doing chores with household cleaners
    • Residue from lotion, soap, or other liquids are the main culprits for making rings and stones appear dull. A natural gemstone will not lose its color, but residues will cloud their appearance, making them look drained of their natural brightness
  • Remove your jewelry before swimming in a chlorinated pool
    • Chlorine can damage gold and causing cracks in the metal. Once the metal is ruined, prongs holding the diamonds and gemstones can break and cause the center stone to fall out
  • Remove your jewelry, especially your rings, when doing any heavy-duty physical work such as weightlifting, pilates, exercising, or gardening
    • A strong impact can damage the setting of your jewelry, causing diamonds and gemstones to fall out
  • Absolutely avoid spraying perfume, hairspray, or any chemical cleaners directly onto the ring
    • Chemicals can slowly damage the stones and metal, causing uneven color spots and dullness on the surface
  • When not wearing your jewelry, we recommend storing it individually in soft cloth jewelry pouches or sealed plastic bags to prevent tarnish and scratches

Find out more about your ring's gemstone before doing at-home cleaning. For example, Ethiopian opal is a gemstone that should NOT come in contact with water or other liquids. Check out our blog titled What is Ethiopian Opal? for more information about caring for a Ethiopian opal ring. 

How to Clean Your Ring at Home

Generally, we recommend professionally cleaning your jewelry every 6 to 12 months. However, you can clean your jewelry at home in-between professional cleanings. Here’s a cleaning method we have found works best:

  • Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or baby-friendly laundry detergent. We recommend eco-friendly options, as they’re extra gentle*
  • Allow your jewelry to soak in this mixture for up to 30 minutes. After, gently clean your jewelry using a clean, soft bristle toothbrush or Q-tips. Avoid scrubbing the center stone too hard or too direct to avoid scratches on the surface of the center stone** and rinse the ring well
  • Keep the ring in/above the bowl during the cleaning process—if a loose diamond or gemstone falls out, the bowl will catch it
  • Once clean, dry the ring immediately with a soft cloth to avoid hard water stains on the surface of the stones

* Detergents like baking soda, vinegar, or household cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals should be avoided as these can damage some gemstones and metals

** Some gemstones are soft, such as aquamarine or morganite, and therefore you should avoid scrubbing the center stone directly to avoid scratches. Check out our Know Your Stones page to find out more about your gemstone.

Tutorial of Ring Cleaning at Home

The ring shown in the below photo is our pear morganite ring from our Luna Halo Ring collection ~ Before and after photo, from cloudy to clean!

how to clean your ring at home - before and after

Our Services

La More Design offers a professional ring cleaning service for rings made by us. To schedule a professional cleaning, please email us at with your order number and name.


Champagne diamond engagement ring rose gold vintage style ring and curved diamond wedding band la more design jewelry

Rings pictured from top to bottom: One of a Kind Diamond Engagement Ring, Curved Diamond Wedding Band

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