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Morganite and Peach Sapphire

peach sapphire engagement rings in white and rose gold vintage floral ring setting by La More Design
Pretty in Pink: Why We Love Peach Gemstones and Rose Gold

All of our rings can be made in nearly any combination, but we particularly love seeing morganite and peach sapphire set in rose gold. Here’s why.

Customers often ask us why most of our morganite engagement rings and peach sapphire rings are set in rose gold. Can pink or peach gemstones like morganite or peach sapphire set in white gold?

Yes, all La More Design rings can be crafted in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold or platinum. Gemstones colors change depending on the light and the angle at which they are viewed—and the color of their setting.

morganite ring and peach sapphire ring in white or rose gold by la more design


When it comes choosing between a white or rose gold setting, think about your style. If your wearer tends towards silver and white gold and classic and timelessly designed jewelry, then white gold or platinum may be a good option. However, if they are planning to upgrade their jewelry to rose gold or want to to try to mix and match styles, rose gold could be a good choice too.

And no doubt, rose gold rings have become extremely popular and trendy these days, especially for engagement and wedding rings! Not only its color presents the romantic theme, but rose gold also is the amazing color that can transfer modern made jewelry pieces to vintage look pieces, which is perfect for jewelry lovers who love vintage inspired rings but are actually made in current days with modern jewelry making skills and techniques to ensure a better and durable quality.

Here is one of our bridal ring sets in rose gold with a cushion cut peach morganite ~ we are deeply in love with the gorgeous look of this vintage style ring stack. It's in fact that this vintage halo diamond morganite ring bridal set is a made to order ring just for you.

vintage halo diamond morganite ring bridal set rose gold 


Most morganites are eye-clean, without visible inclusions, so after cutting and polishing they showcase a stunning, vitreous luster. Morganite is best known for its gorgeous peach pink color, and the rose gold setting enhances the beautiful pinkish peach hue—which is why rose gold morganite rings have been so popular these days!

On the other hand, if you prefer to have a morganite ring that gives off less of a pinkish, peach color, and appears more icy pink, then we recommend the white gold setting. In this video here, you will see pear cut morganite rings in white and rose gold. As you can see, morganite with rose gold setting tints more peachy, while the white gold creates a subtle appearance.  

Peach sapphire reacts much the same way. Here you can see our vintage floral peach sapphire rings in white and rose gold setting. As you can see that peach sapphire in rose gold shows more pinkish peach color, but in white gold, it appears more blush.

Regardless of the setting, morganite and peach sapphire are gorgeous gemstones that showcase beautiful rosy tones you don’t normally find in other gemstones.

Follow your heart and style when it comes to choosing your metal option of your dream ring. La More Design can craft the ring of your dreams in white, yellow, or rose gold or platinum!

Pear cut peach sapphire ring rose gold vintage halo diamond ring stack bridal set La More Design Jewelry 

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