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We continue to be astonished by the love and kindness of our followers. Our winner for June’s Raffle @undercovernudist shared a heartwarming story as to who she was gifting her prize ring to. Our winner gifted her prize, a stunning 3 stone salt and pepper diamond ring, to her deserving mother just in time for her 60th birthday. Not only does her mother wake up early and come home late from working her own job, she also has been making face masks for friends and family, as well as donating them to underserved individuals with mental illnesses. We are so incredibly moved by the kindness of others and are inspired by stories like these to continue our commitment to doing good.

jewelry for change raffle 3 stone diamond ring winner

We are touched by the compassion we have seen in response to our Jewelry for Change raffle for the past two months. We are so grateful to be in a position where we can not only support our communities but also provide a fun and rewarding way to encourage others to do the same. Let’s keep up the great work! Each month, we will make a donation to a select organization(s) to initiate our commitment to doing good and giving back. To raise more money and spread the word about these good causes, we will be holding a Jewelry Raffle via our La More Design's Instagram! The prize will be one piece of jewelry, handcrafted with love from our shop.

Inspired by Michelle Obama’s recent podcast on her mental health and our support of all people living mentally healthier lives, August’s Raffle for Change organization will be @mentalhealthamerica. We’ve also decided to donate once more to @nokidhungry to help end childhood hunger. We've already donated $2,000 to these two wonderful organizations this month. Let’s raise more money together and continue our commitment to doing good!

Our donation to Mental Health America is the nation's leading community-based mental health nonprofit

Our donation to No Kid Hungry is working to end child hunger in America today

~ You asked and we heard you! ~

Last month, we held a poll on our Instagram stories asking our followers which of our two popular rings from the Tiara Halo Ring collection they would like to have as the Jewelry for Change raffle prize for the month of July: oval or pear-cut moissanite ring. While the Tiara Halo Oval Moissanite Ring won, the votes were so close that we have decided to make the Pear Moissanite ring the prize for the month of August!

Now it's your turn! Donate to enter today!

How to Enter the August Raffle on Instagram:

1. Donate $20 or more directly to the selected organization of the month  

@mentalhealthamerica or @nokidhungry 

2. DM us the confirmation receipt of the donation

3. Comment "AUGUST RAFFLE" in the comments section of our August Raffle Instagram post to complete each entry.

4. For each $20 donation, you may submit one entry (i.e. $100 donation will earn you five entries).

5. This month's raffle will start on Monday, August 24th & ends on Sunday, August 30th at 11:59pm EST.

6. The winner will be selected on our Instagram story on Tuesday, September 1st.

This month's Prize is our 2020 best seller Tiara Halo Diamond Pear Moissanite Ring ~ a retail value of $2,385. The ring will be custom made in your ring size.

Tiara halo diamond pear moissanite engagement ring rose gold la more design jewelry

Tiara halo diamond pear moissanite engagement ring rose gold la more design jewelry 


Our Commitment:

It is and will always be our mission to help our community by giving back and committing to doing good. We will be donating to organizations that share our mission of working toward a positive change in our communities and world. To raise more money and encourage more people to join us in inciting change, every month we will donate one piece of jewelry for a jewelry raffle. We are here to listen, to learn, and to help. We would love to hear your recommendations for good organizations for our next month's donation!   


Our August Raffle has closed and the winner is @kaswainer ~ Congratulations!!!

This month, we raised $3,525 for @mentalhealthamerica or @nokidhungry! So far we've raised $12,132 together for these 5 great organizations!






We couldn't have done it without your amazing support! 

Let's keep making positive changes TOGETHER!

Jewelry for Change September Raffle will start on September 16th. Stay tuned ~


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